Born in Palma de Mallorca to a Spanish mother and Scottish father, Adolfo grew up in Barcelona. After matriculating, he joined his parents in Zambia where his father worked in the copper mines.
Having spent a year in Zambia he came to South Africa to attend art school in East London in the Eastern Cape, South Africa.


Here he studied under Jack Lugg, Ryno Swart, Barry Gibb and Leon Rubens, with fellow students such as Alan Cameron, Norman Catherine, Mike Costello and Barry Jackson. After graduating in graphic design, Adolfo worked for several years in Durban and in Johannesburg, then settled in Cape Town in 1984.

For the past 36 years, while earning a living as a graphic designer and creative director, he was also painting and drawing. He tried his hand at different styles, but for several years has preferred realism. In 2008 he retired from the Advertising industry to paint full time.

Adolfo Mcque
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